Butternut Style Project

The Butternut Style Project is a collaborative effort of several citizen and volunteer groups, overseen by the Danforth-Pond-Butternut Planning Group.  The Project vision is to improve properties along the Butternut St. corridor one block at a time, utilizing volunteer labor, neighborhood  grants and private funding (donations), and owner involvement.  The major goal of this project, beyond improving the properties, is to improve the neighborhoods by:

  1. renewing each property owner’s vision of their neighborhood and their property;
  2. restoring each property owner’s commitment to care for not only their properties but public projects such as sidewalks, trees, and signposts; and
  3. using the collective power of these visions and commitments to secure cooperation from government (through grants & funding), businesses, civic organizations, formerly uncooperative property owners, residents, and tenants to transform and maintain their renewed neighborhood.

We love Butternut St, and we want you to join us in our vision of renewed neighborhoods.  We’re taking back our streets through love, because love is the greatest force on Earth!  So don’t just sit back and watch, be a part of the transformation, and watch how YOUR life is transformed!!


Butternut Style’s FIRST Project!

SEPT 11-12, 2010

600-700 blocks Butternut St

50+ volunteers, 10 properties, projects still in planning…stay tuned for more!

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