The walls came tumbling down . . .

Butternut Center is undergoing a remarkable transformation. In a month, walls have been removed to create two large rooms and make the layout of the Center more comfortable and user friendly. The carpet was torn up and replaced with tile and by the end of January and we were back to full function with a whole new look for our February Open House. Stay tuned for more construction updates.

We are still looking forward to a basement rec room, but as planning progressed it became clear that it was a much larger effort than we were financially prepared to undertake. So the Center’s board decided that opening up space by removing two walls would provide space needed for youth recreation, make larger meetings possible, and fill the Center’s immediate needs while leaving a healthy start on funding for the basement renovation.

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One Response to “The walls came tumbling down . . .”

  1. Earl Colvin says:

    When I came in to work Tuesday after the long week-end, I could not believe my eyes. The place is so much larger without the walls. Things are really moving at the center and if you are not already part of it, what’s holding you back? The work is fun and the salary is in the faces of the children.

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